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by Ray Miner Publishing

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About the Illustrator

Ana Johnson-Moore is an illustrator and painter who lives with her husband and two cats in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  She enjoys hot summer days, riding her bicycle, collecting records, creating art, cooking, and traveling to exotic locations whenever the schedule allows.  While Ana has been working with dry mediums such as pencil and ink since her early days of artistic exploration, she soon discovered a passion for watercolor upon relocating to beautiful Cape Cod and falling in love with the coastal environment which continues to provide an endless source of inspiration for her projects, both personal and professional.


Ana’s favorite subjects include scenic depictions of nature, colonial-style New England houses, and animals with a specialty for pet portraits and a series of adorable illustrations featuring cats enjoying various pastimes and adventures.  Her style has been described as colorful, vibrant, and brimming with the inspiration of a whimsical nature.


‘Bedtime’ is Ana’s first fully-illustrated book to be published, with every image having been carefully painted in her own home studio.  The design of the book’s main character is, in fact, very loosely based on Ana’s own early childhood appearance, and the bedroom itself, along with most of the stuffed animals, are inspired by vivid memories of the room in which she grew up, back in Bucharest, Romania. 


You can follow her work and upcoming artistic projects on her Instagram page @kuki.art25 .

Bedtime formatted by


My Wild Imagination.png

My Wild Imagination

About the Author

Ray Miner spent 30 years in education as a guidance counselor.  Along the way, he wrote and recorded songs and wrote poems for his and his wife’s two daughters.  Some of his songs can be heard on youtube, including many from the “Old Dog, New Tricks” cd.  He has written several Christmas songs recorded by Briana Kay on the “It’s Christmas” cd and a single for the Easter season, He Is Risen, by Alyssa Diggs.  After two of his poems were published in Bunbury Magazine in the UK, he decided to concentrate on turning his poetry into illustrated children’s books.  Bedtime and My Wild Imagination are the first two books to be published with more planned in the coming months.  An adult fiction short story, Lemonade, has been published and is available on Amazon Kindle.

About the illustrator

Behnaz Hajielyasi was born in Iran.  She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and has been working as an illustrator and a graphic designer for more than 7 years. Also, Behnaz has published books on Amazon. She loves children and drawing for them.  Her illustrations are based on digital painting, watercolor, and color pencil techniques.

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